Our Location
 S Cedar Crest Blvd/PA-229. Turn right onto Lower Macungie Rd. Lower Macungie Rd is 0.3 miles past Farr Rd. Turn left onto Wild Cherry Ln. Wild Cherry Ln is 0.1 miles past Macungie Rd. Take the 2nd left onto Williams Way (Gate access required). Williams Way is just past Steeplechase Dr.
Hamilton Boulevard Byp. Hamilton Boulevard Byp is 0.1 miles past Sycamore St
Take the 2nd left onto Williams Way (Gate access required).Turn left onto Lower Macungie Rd. Take the 1st right onto Wild Cherry Ln. Take the 1st left onto Hidden Valley Rd.  Turn right onto E Texas Rd. Take the 1st right to stay on E Texas Rd.  Turn left onto Minesite Rd. Minesite Rd is 0.1 miles past S Cedarbrook Rd. Turn right onto Hamilton Blvd/US-222 Bus S.Hamilton Blvd is just past US-222 N. Turn left onto Kressler Rd/US-222 Bus S. Kressler Rd is 0.7 miles past Lincoln Ave. Hamilton Boulevard Byp comes Hamilton Blvd.